Curvus’ Premium Log Stores: The Perfect Storage for Your Firewood Needs

Your One-Stop Solution for Outdoor Log Storage

Welcome to Curvus, your reliable partner in bespoke wood products and wood supplies. We’re delighted to introduce our newest range of 6ftx3ft Log Stores, the ultimate solution to your firewood storage needs. These functional and aesthetically pleasing units are perfect for keeping your firewood dry, organised, and ready for use.

Why Choose Curvus Log Stores?

Durability: Our log stores are crafted from the finest materials to ensure they stand the test of time. The main seller in our range is Larch, a robust wood known for its longevity and resistance to rot.

Versatility: Whether you prefer the rustic charm of Larch or the elegant finish of Oak, we’ve got you covered. We offer these log stores in both wood types to suit your preference and style. Do note that Oak is a premium option and pricing will vary accordingly.

Spacious Design: With dimensions of 6ftx3ft, our large log stores offer ample space to accommodate a generous amount of firewood. This ensures you have a consistent supply of dry wood throughout the seasons.

Efficiency: Designed for optimal air flow, our wooden log stores keep your firewood well-ventilated. This speeds up the drying process and makes your logs burn more efficiently.

Local Availability: Searching for log stores near me? Look no further. Curvus is your local sawmill and wood supplier, conveniently located to serve you better.

Easy Assembly: Our log stores come with an easy-to-follow assembly guide, making it simple for you to set up your outdoor log store in no time.

Customisation: As a bespoke wood products supplier, we offer customisation options to make your log store as unique as you are.

How Do Our Log Stores Work?

Simply stack your firewood logs horizontally in your tall log store, ensuring enough space between the logs for optimal ventilation. Our smart design ensures that your firewood stays elevated, protecting it from ground moisture and pests.

What Do Our Log Stores Do?

Our log stores serve as the ideal outdoor log store to keep your firewood dry, accessible, and in perfect burning condition. The overhead roof provides additional protection against rain and snow, while the open front allows for easy access and promotes air circulation.

Special Mention: Oak or Larch?

While Larch is our main seller, offering a balance of durability and affordability, Oak provides an extra layer of elegance and strength. If you’re looking for that premium touch, our Oak log stores are worth the investment. Keep in mind, Oak options come at a premium price, but they offer an unparalleled level of sophistication and longevity. Contact us to find out more about Oak.

Ready to Secure Your Firewood in Style?

Explore our range of log stores for sale and give your firewood the home it deserves. Say goodbye to damp, disorganised logs and hello to a more efficient, elegant way of storing your firewood.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your firewood storage game. Contact us today to secure your Curvus Log Store and enjoy the benefits of premium, locally-sourced wood products.

Your firewood’s best friend is just a click away. Come and find out why Curvus is the name you can trust for all your wood needs.

Curvus FAQs

What types of wood are Curvus Log Stores made from?

Our log stores are primarily crafted from Larch, known for its durability and resistance to rot. For those seeking a touch of luxury, we also offer a premium Oak option.

How much firewood can the 6ftx3ft Log Store hold?

Our spacious 6ftx3ft log stores offer ample room to store a generous amount of firewood. Depending on the size of your logs, you could have enough wood to last several weeks.


Do I need to assemble the Log Store myself?
No, there’s no assembly required. Our log stores come pre-assembled for your convenience. Simply choose your preferred location and your log store is ready for immediate use.
Do you offer customisation options for the Log Stores?
Yes, we do! As specialists in bespoke wood products, we’re more than happy to discuss customisation options. Whether you’d like a different size or additional features, we can make it happen.
How can I purchase a Curvus Log Store?

You can browse our range of log stores for sale on our website and make your selection based on your preferred wood type and any custom features. Alternatively, you’re welcome to visit our sawmill and wood supply centre for a more tactile shopping experience.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any more questions. Your ideal firewood storage solution is just a click or a call away!

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